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OCZ PC5000 Platinum Edition
OCZ Platinum PC5000:
DDR RAM at 625Mhz
By far the fastest DDR RAM available today - the OCZ PC5000. OCZ is the absolute leader in high performance computer memory for gaming and overclocking. With the release of their PC5000 Platinum memory for the DFI nF4 motherboard they prove this once again!
Free delivery in Ireland and the UK
We are a specialist supplier of memory for overclocking and high performance and along with DDR PC4800 we also stock PC4800, PC4400, PC4000, PC3700, PC3500, PC3200 and PC2700 DDR RAM.
Name Ex.Vat Inc.Vat
256Mb DDR RAM PC3200 Transcend JetRAM CL2.5 € 7.50 € 9.23
512MB GeIL DDR RAM PC3500 Platinum Dual Channel kit (2x256MB) € 10.00 € 12.30
512MB NEON DDR RAM PC3200 400MHz Desktop memory module CL2.5 € 12.00 € 14.76
512MB Integral PC2700 DDR RAM CL2.5 desktop memory module 184 pins € 13.20 € 16.24
512MB A-Data DDR PC2700 333MHz CL2.5 module (8 chips) € 17.00 € 20.91
1GB Patriot Signature DDR RAM PC3200 400MHz Desktop Memory Module 184 pins CL3 € 19.50 € 23.99
1GB A-Data PC3200 DDR RAM CL3 module € 21.00 € 25.83
1GB A-Data PC2700 DDR RAM CL2.5 module € 21.50 € 26.45
1GB Team Elite DDR PC3200 (3-4-4-8) Dual Channel kit € 21.75 € 26.75
1GB G.Skill DDR PC3200 NT Series 3-4-4-8 module € 22.50 € 27.68
512MB Transcend PC2100 DDR266 CL2.5 DDR RAM desktop memory module € 23.00 € 28.29
1GB Transcend JetRAM DDR RAM PC3200 CL3 Desktop Memory module € 31.00 € 38.13
1GB Integral PC2100 DDR RAM CL2.5 desktop memory module 184 pins € 31.00 € 38.13
2GB Team Elite Plus Black DDR RAM PC3200 (3-4-4-8) Dual Channel kit for Desktops € 35.00 € 43.05
2GB A-Data DDR PC3200 400MHz CL3 Dual Channel kit (2x1GB) € 41.00 € 50.43

DDR RAM PC5000 (DDR625)
Memory for Overclocking

» 1Gb OCZ EL DDR PC5000 Dual Channel Platinum DFI nF4 Special
Manufacturer: OCZ Technology - Part number: OCZ6251024ELDCPE-K - Warranty: Lifetime
(2x 512Mb EL DDR PC5000 DDR625 OCZ Platinum), 625Mhz, 184 pins, 64 bit, CAS3, 3-4-4-10 rating, Platinum covered heatspreaders. Especially designed for the DFI nF4 motherboards, 2.85V, Dual Channel. Full memory specification Stock:
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