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DDR RAM (Double Data Rate)
DDR RAM is supported by most Pentium 4 and AMD XP motherboards. PC2100 (DDR266) DDR RAM is the standard type of DDR capable of transferring up to 2,1Gb data per second. This type of memory is now the most widely used in new computer systems.
We supply DDR RAM from leading manufacturers OCZ, Samsung, VeriTech, Elixir and Nanya.
Free delivery in Ireland and the UK
Mushkin HP2100 Series:
Mushkin HP2100 Memory DDR RAM
Great performance at an affordable price
Mushkin is known for high performance overclocking memory. The Mushkin HP2100 Series offers great performance at a low cost. All modules come in retail packaging with installation guide
No compromise on quality
DDR RAM (Double Data Rate)
DDR RAM is increasing in popularity as this memory type is supported by newer Pentium 4 and AMD XP motherboards. Standard PC2100 DDR RAM is capable of transferring up to 2,1Gb data per second, and by using faster DDR RAM - PC2700, PC3200 or PC3500 outrageous speeds exceeding 433Mhz can be reached.
The current standard is PC2100 (266Mhz) but faster modules are increasing in popularity. We now also supply PC2700, PC3200, PC3500 and PC3700 DDR SDRAM from OCZ Technology and Mushkin - the world leaders in memory for overclocking and gaming.
Name Ex.Vat Inc.Vat
512MB Transcend PC2100 DDR266 CL2.5 DDR RAM desktop memory module € 23.00 € 28.29
1GB Integral PC2100 DDR RAM CL2.5 desktop memory module 184 pins € 31.00 € 38.13

DDR RAM PC2100 (DDR266), 184 pins

Shortcuts: PC2100 non-ECC memory - PC2100 ECC Registered memory

» 256Mb DDR RAM PC2100 184 pins - Transcend JetRAM
Manufacturer: Transcend - Part number: JM334D643A-75 - Warranty: Lifetime
266Mhz, 64 bit, 7.5ns, CAS2.5, Rated 2.5-3-3, DDR266, non-ECC, single-sided, 8 chips Stock:
20+ units
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» 512Mb DDR RAM PC2100 184 pins - Transcend JetRAM
Manufacturer: Transcend - Part number: JM366D643A-75 - Warranty: Lifetime
266Mhz, 64 bit, CL 2.5-3-3, DDR266, non-ECC, 32Mx8 chips, 16 chips, double-sided, retail packaging Stock:
20+ units
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» 1Gb DDR RAM PC2100 184 pins - Transcend
Manufacturer: Transcend - Part number: TS128MLD64V6J - Warranty: Lifetime
266Mhz, 184 pins, 64 bit, CL2.5-3-3, DDR266, 16 chips, double-sided, 64Mx8 chips, retail packed, single 1Gb module, non-ECC. Stock:
6-10 units
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» 256Mb ECC Registered DDR RAM PC2100 - Infineon Original
Manufacturer: Infineon - Part number: HYS72D32000GR-7-B - Warranty: Lifetime
ECC, 266Mhz, 184 pins, 72 bit, CL2, 32Mx72, Registered, 9 chips, double-sided, Full specification Stock:
10-20 units
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